UP Reformer & Tower classes

UP your Strength, UP your Fitness, UP your Mind-Body connection & so much more with our Amazing range of Reformer & Tower classes. Our small class sizes means that you still get individual corrections and quality instruction from our experienced Team of UP Teachers. If you are new to Pilates we highly recommend starting with the UP FUNDAMENTALS Class.

NOTE: If you are injured, pregnant, recently post natal, need rehabilitation focused movement or are looking for an individually tailored Pilates program please head to our Studio classes to find out more information on how we can provide the best Pilates classes for you.

UP Fundamentals

Reformer Fundamentals is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Pilates on the Reformer bed.

Ideal for beginners, those who have had a break from Pilates and just getting back into it or anyone who just wants to focus on the basics!

UP Dynamic Flow

This is an open level Reformer class that flows seamlessly from intense strength exercises to dynamic movements that stretch your body. You’ll feel lengthened and toned from head to toe.

Ideal for those wanting an amazing full body workout!

UP Fit

Be ready to feel the heat in this full body workout! Be ready to be challenge your endurance, strength and stability.

The jump board is an amazing add on to the reformer that allows the sensation of jumping whilst laying down or kneeling. You have to try this class for yourself to experience the amazing cardio, strength, stamina and alignment benefits the jump-board will bring to your week! ARE YOU READY TO JUMP?

Ideal for athletes, dancers, runners and everyone in between! If you want to get your heart rate up, work those legs and get a strong endurance workout for the entire body this is the class for you!



UP Sculpt

UP SCULPT is your weekly dose of toning & sculpting that we all love! UP SCULPT is a specifically designed class by Sara to target specific areas of the body such as ARMS, ABS & BUTT! UP SCULPT is simple yet very effective movements that give you the results you want to feel and see. Come and SCULPT with the UP TEAM!

Wall Tower Studio

UP Tower Fundamentals

UP TOWER FUNDAMENTALS is a beginner to progressive level class using the Wall Tower. Increase your flexibility and strength in new and different ways using the resistance of the Tower springs. This mindful way of moving will take your Pilates practice to a deeper level.

UP Tower Flow

UP Tower Flow is an open level Tower class for those who have progressed from the UP TOWER FUNDAMENTALS. This class flows through challenging strength and stretching exercises to take your Pilates practice to new heights! You will feel longer, leaner and more in tune with your body after our UP Tower Flow

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