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Kayla Furmanczyk

Holistic Nutritionist

A Holistic Nutritionist, smoothie bowl addict and fitness enthusiast, Kayla is a Registered Associate Nutritionist whose aim is to educate and inspire individuals to become the healthiest version of themselves. Health extends not only too physical health, but mental health too. With a passionate for gut-health, and the relationship between gut, body and mind, the way we nourish our bodies and minds is dependent on how we feel and think. Together, body and mind make up the gold-standard of health.




Kayla created her company K Health as a platform which focus on the impact Nutrition has on both physical and mental health. As an advocate for mental health, Kayla believes that the foods we nurture our bodies with, and the lifestyles we live, directly impact mood and mental health. Kayla believes that the body is under-rated and has the ability to function optimally solely from the foods we eat and drink, as well as supplementation when required.

Kayla enjoys working with individuals and groups to understand how our bodies react to particular foods and understands that Nutrition is not a one size fits all approach. K Health aims to help people is creating healthy food and lifestyle habits, to enhance health and happiness. With many people focusing on what they “can” and “can’t” eat, Kayla works with clients to help them heal their relationship with food, and enjoy a variety of foods, guilt free.

Kayla also shares a passion for sport nutrition, with her own health journey taking part in the past couple of years which she has recently recovered from. As someone who has always been fit and healthy, focusing on weight training, functional training and Pilates, to aid in overall fitness with a strength focus, Kayla furthered her understanding and is a soon to be Pilates Teacher.

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